Internal Filing System Coughs Up Trick!

That trick I mentioned earlier popped up in the kitchen the other day! Little Sister, this is for you.

I was making pasta primavera and needed a little more butter to smooth the sauce. I didn’t want to take it from my butter pot because toast crumbs (Little Sister has celiac disease) and so I used my cheese slicer to harvest a few curls from the clean half-pound in my fridge.

cheese slicer - photo/picture definition - cheese slicer word and phrase image
A “cheese razor”

Have you met this sweet little tool? In Dutch and Swedish, it’s called a “cheese razor.” That’s very apt, because it makes razor-thin slices. And great butter curls. I’ve also tried to make chocolate curls with it but chocolate, being harder at room temperature than cheese and butter, tends to crumble under the pressure.

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